Trust Credit Card

Want to save money? Then this card is perfect for you! The Trust Credit Card is a new product provided by the digital Trust Bank, an institution formed by the Standard Chartered Bank and the NTUC. This service is ideal for you to save money. Read further to know how!

What are the benefits?

The main benefit provided by the Trust Credit Card is the Rewards Points program. Besides, it offers the following advantages:

  • Trust credit card: NTUC LinkPoints,
  • Trust credit card: Dining discounts,
  • Trust Credit Card Promotion (S$25 NTUC Voucher).

Trust Credit Card Rewards Points

The Reward Points program offers points stated in 0.22%, 0.5%, and 7% “savings”, which can easily be misinterpreted for cashback. You can check it’s functioning below:

Trust Credit CardLinkPointsMinimum Spend
Base Reward Points0.5% at Fairprice, 0.22% for Visa
Bonus Reward Points7.5% at FairpriceS$450 per month (all except Fairprice transactions), capped 5,500 LinkPoints
Extra Bonus Reward Points7% at Fairprice (per quarter)S$450 per month for 3 consecutive months (all except Fairprice transaction), capped 7,500 LinkPoints

Basically, if you wish to get the 7% reward points from NTUC, you have to first spend S$450 outside of NTUC FairPrice.      

This way, this card is very recommended for those who eat out, pay via Visa, or enjoy shopping!

Trust Credit Card LinkPoints       

By using the Trust Credit Card, you earn points in the form of NTUC LinkPoints. NTUC LinkPoints are very useful if you frequently redeem them while you shop at NTUC (it’s important to not let them expire!).

Trust Credit Card Dining Discounts

In the Trust app, you can swipe to a Coupons section where you’ll be able to choose a couple of dining vouchers. Dining discounts include:

  • S$2 off Starbucks with a minimum of S$10 expense (8,000 redemptions),
  • 50% off KFC Zinger Box,
  • S$6 off foodpanda delivery with minimum S$35 spend (promo code TRUST22SEP, max 5,000 redemptions),
  • S$3 off deliveroo with minimum spend S$12 (new customers only, with promo code VISANEW22).

Trust Credit Card Promotion (S$25 NTUC Voucher)

One of the most attractive aspects of this card is the S$25 NTUC voucher sign-up promotion. To enjoy it, you need to complete one transaction on your Trust card before this voucher appears on the app. 

After that, you’ll get the NTUC cashier aunty to scan it!

What are the fees and taxes?

Interested in the Trust Credit Card? Before applying for it, you should check its fees:

Trust Credit Card
Annual FeeS$0
Annual Fee Waiver
Supplementary Card Annual Fee
Interest-Free Period
Interest Rate26.9% p.a.
Late Payment FeeS$100
Minimum Monthly Repayment?
Foreign Currency Transaction FeeS$0
Cash Advance Transaction FeeS$0
Overlimit FeeS$0
Minimum IncomeS$30,000 p.a.
Card AssociationVisa
Contactless PaymentVisa PayWave, other contactless methods such as Apple Pay

Please note that these are the principal fees: you may find other ones in the service contract!    

How to apply for this Credit Card?

To apply for the Trust Credit Card, you must consider the following criteria:

  • You are between 21 years old and 55 years old,
  • Have an annual income of S$30,000 if Singaporean citizen or permanent resident, or
  • Have an annual income of S$60,000 if a foreigner with a valid work pass.

OR if:

  • You are above 55 years old, and
  • Have an annual income of S$15,000 if Singaporean citizen or permanent resident; or
  • Have an annual income of S$60,000 if a foreigner with a valid work pass.

You can apply by using MyInfo as it pre-fills your application form quickly and effortlessly.

If you are a foreigner, in addition to Myinfo, you will need to upload or take a photo of your passport and latest payslip.

To start your application process you’ll have to download the Trust bank mobile app and sign up. Your data and revenue history will be automatically recovered by the app. Then, you’ll receive a “personalized” credit limit that’s compatible with your income.

Should I get the Trust Credit Card?

If you are the kind of person who tends to tap your credit card or PayWave in shops while purchasing, dining out, or for entertainment and movies, etc, yes! The Trust Credit Card is perfectly suitable for you.

It’s valid to remind you that the card advantages will only be practical if you spend more than S$450/month on these various Visa expenses, and if you also tend to spend on NTUC groceries (because you will be rewarded in NTUC LinkPoints).