Best Credit Card Swipe Machine in India

Digital payments are becoming more and more popular in India, as the world heads towards a general digitalization. This way, if you have a business, even if it’s a small one, it’s interesting to start thinking about getting a card swipe machine.

This is why, in this article, we will show you what are the best card swiping machine providers in India:

How does a card swiping machine work?

The main function of a card swiping machine is to allow the clients to pay for their purchases using a credit or a debit card. With this device, you don’t need to carry cash while shopping, for example. 

Besides, the payments made with a swiping machine are safer, since the device offers a very functional encryption system. 

Now that you know the main benefits of this method of payment, you may be considering adopting it, as it offers to your customers a digital and modern way of paying. 

Best card swiping machines in India

Check the list of providers below:

  1. Ezetap, 
  2. mPOS by ICICI Merchant Services,
  3. HDFC Merchant Services,
  4. mSwipe Solutions,
  5. Ezee Pay Services.


With Ezetap, a very popular payment solution for small, medium, and large businesses, you can turn your smartphone into a card swiping machine, which makes the transactions easier and more practical.

The company also offers hardware solutions, characterized by a compact, sturdy and suitable device. 

mPOS by ICICI Merchant Services

By using the products of this provider, you can receive payments wirelessly. This is a great facility for your business! All you have to do is download the mPOS app in your smartphone, connect it to the device using Bluetooth, swipe the credit or debit card on mPOS and complete the payment successfully.

HDFC Merchant Services

With HDFC Electronic Data Capture device (EDC) you can offer to your customers a revolutionary payment method. To insert it into your business, you’ll have to download the app and get a card reader. Then, all you have to do is connect the reader to your phone by Bluetooth.

mSwipe Solutions

This is an affordable and effective payment solution that does not require a separate bank account as the money is transferred to your account directly via NEFT.  

The monthly rental is Rs.350 and initial setup fee anywhere between Rs.2000-6000. The values vary according to your plan.

Ezee Pay Services

That’s the most secure and fastest electronic payment mPOS solution. By using the Ezee Pay Services, you can receive payments immediately, as well as transfer money by entering the receiver’s number and amount anytime, anywhere. You can also book your bus tickets over 4500 routes.

With this device, you can pay bills, buy tickets and recharge your phone.